Vegetarian Dishes

potatoes with a delicate sauce. € 6.00
Fresh cheese with peas, cream of tomato and spices. €…
Mixed vegetables cooked with sauce and spices. € 6.00
Indian cheese with spicy Peppers. € 7.00
Eggplant cooked in a tandoor oven with salt, pepper and…
Indian potato meatbolls with cheese and light sauce (recommended for…
Potatoes with cauliflower and spices. € 6.00
Potatoes with cumin and hot sauce. € 6.00
Mixed vegetables with light sauce ( advised for childrens) €…
Spinach, Indian cheese and spices. € 6.00
Courgettes cooked with curry and masala. € 6.00
Indian cheese cooked with mild sauce. € 7.00
indian cheese with potatoes, peas, cream of tomato and various…